15 Fun College Dorm Party Ideas
College is the perfect opportunity to discover your passions and strengths, but it’s also a key place to meet new people and enjoy plenty of parties. From a casual get-together to a themed event, you can have an amazing experience with those you live with and meet along the way. From drinking games to ice breakers and everything in between, this is the time in your life when you can help discover who you are as a person and make some incredible memories. Get inspired for your next shindig – here are the most fun college dorm party ideas you need to try.

What is a College Dorm Party?

Dorm rooms are famously small, and while you may share them with a roommate or two, they’re often the first time someone lives away from their family. This is essentially the perfect formula for a great get-together. While there are some rules you should adhere to, dorm parties are a great way to know people from your college and make incredible memories and lifelong friends along the way.

Can you Throw a Dorm Room Party?

You should be conscious of a lot before planning or hosting a dorm room party. First is noise pollution. Parties are loud, and if you go overboard, you’re likely going to have it shut down. It’s also imperative that you understand all of the policies in your dorm. They vary from college to college, but the general rule of thumb is to ensure you don’t make too much noise after hours during the week. While it’s not impossible to run a dorm room party without getting in trouble, it’s wise to get yourself acquainted with your Resident Assistant, better known as an RA. Get on their good side, and be sure to ensure you follow the policies along the way. It’s also a great idea you make sure your roommates are okay with having a party, too!

College Dorm Party Ideas

There are plenty of different types of parties you can throw. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard party, having something themed is a great way to tap into your creative side, organize a costume, and make great memories.

Decades Party (the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s)

Feel like you were born in the wrong era? This theme is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner hippie, Mod, rock, and film star with a decades party. Choose the decade you want to celebrate, such as the ’60s or ’70s, and have everyone dress up in the clothing of that era! Create a playlist with the hottest tunes from the time, be it disco, rock’n’roll, or pop – they’re sure to get people in the mood for a boogie. Bonus points if you have a disposable or film camera to capture the best moments – it’s an old-school touch that will impress.

Pajamas party

Did someone say superior comfort? A pajama party is an excellent choice for a themed party for many reasons, but the ultimate one is feeling relaxed the entire time. There is no need for painful heels or tight dresses; this evening is all about putting on your bedtime outfits and enjoying yourself. Of course, you can always dress it up by wearing something silky and luxurious or with feathers across the edges of the clothing. Team up with your friends and get something matching if you’re a part of a sorority! The best part? You don’t have to get changed once the party is over – just hop into bed, and you’re set!

Jazz Night

Jazz-themed parties are a little more cool and sophisticated, making the perfect dorm party. As the name suggests, it’s all about celebrating the incredible music and culture that comes along with the genre. Select your favorite pieces and create a killer Spotify playlist for the night, and get everyone to dress in their best formal outfits for a night they won’t forget. You can even turn it into a Gatsby-themed night, with ’20s costumes and music galore!

Hip Hop Night

Huge fan of the hip-hop era of the ’80s and ’90s? Celebrate the best of the era with a themed party. Rappers and RnB artists often host the best events, so you can take a leaf from their book when planning yours. Start by organizing the music – will you feature artists from today or add a few throwbacks, too? In terms of outfits, wear something comfortable – tap into nostalgia with the ’80s and ’90s throwbacks, such as leggings and bomber jackets in red, yellow, and black (a la Salt-N-Pepa), old chains, and airbrushed sweatshirts.

Ugly Sweaters Party

When Christmas rolls around, there’s no better way to spread cheer and get a few giggles in than with an ugly sweater party! Find your (least) favorite knits and put them on display – you can find excellent options at thrift stores or make something yourself! For this party, get everyone to find a hideous option available, recall your best drinking games and have a great time. Give out an award to the person who has the best costume for the evening – don’t forget to take plenty of photos!

Devils and Angels

Show off your good or naughty side with this cheeky theme! With two options for costumes, guests can dress as their most angelic or devilish sides – don plenty of white with wings and a halo, or go dripping in red with horns and a tail to boot. Add candles, red lights, a photo booth, and on-theme food and drinks for maximum impact. Play games like Truth or Dare to get in touch with your naughty side, and play a selection of throwback hits that gets the crowd going!

Sexy Nerd party

Think you’re the best at Mario Cart, or love immersing yourself in the world of Lord of the Rings/ Then this party is the best idea to try! The sexy nerd party combines two contrasting themes together, creating a mix of funny and proactive themes. Whip out your thickest specs, suspenders, and bow ties for a classic geeky look, and blend with a cute mini skirt and heels for a sexy twist. Play games like Tetris and watch your favorite films – from Marvel to the Harry Potter universe, you’ll be too cool for school!

Masquerade Party

Get dolled up in your most fancy outfit, add a mask, and voila – it’s a masquerade party! Channel your inner Gossip Girl with this mysterious and exciting party theme, which is sure to keep everyone guessing. This is a great party idea for New Year’s Eve or if you just want an excuse to dress fancy. Grab your fanciest clothes and champagne glasses, and don’t forget to reveal your identities at midnight!

Rock n’ Roll

Do you want to rock and roll all night and party every day? Then this is the perfect theme for your next party! From Elvis to Queen and everyone in between, unleash your inner rock star with leather jackets, ripped jeans, heavy eye makeup, and plenty of amazing guitar solos! Create a playlist with the best tunes, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven, and Born To Be Wild. Dress up as members of The Beatles, KISS, or even Little Richard! You can also host an air guitar contest and see who has the best skills!

Denim Themed Party

Throw on your Candian tuxedo for this party – denim is the name of the game! As the name suggests, all you have to wear is denim, so the costumes are really easy to put together. This is an excellent choice for a last-minute event or if you want to show off your cool new jeans. Just like any other party, be sure to have great music lined up and plenty of drinks so you can enjoy the evening in comfort and style!

Pink Fantasy

If you’re after a last-minute theme that doesn’t require a heap of commitment, a pink fantasy party is a way to go. Akin to its name, all you have to wear is this shade – mix and match different tones for a more complex look. Drape your dorm with a soft color, make drinks with raspberry lemonade and serve food that matches the theme!

Ghosts and Monsters

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to unleash your spooky side. A Ghosts and Monsters party is the best way to celebrate all things scary, and you can do it any time of the year. Get guests to dress as a vampire, a zombie, or a witch – a very easy costume idea is to take a bedsheet and cut the eyes out of it. Deck your place with all things spooky- a blood-red cocktail, creepy foods, and decorations, such as skulls and plenty of pumpkins!

Black and White

Can you get more classic than a black and white party? Although the theme is simple, it means that everyone can find an outfit to wear from their closets, and you can dress it up or down easily. Decorate your dorm with black and white trimmings, such as balloons and streamers, and only serve food that fits the color combination. You can even take photos throughout the evening using black and white film for a finishing touch!

Dorm Party Games & Activities

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has become a staple game for college parties, a favorite amongst friends worldwide. The premise is simple – one player reads a prompt from a black card, and the remaining players fill the gap with one of their ten white cards. The funniest answer wins. There’s no need to hold back with this game – it’s designed to be as controversial as possible!

Beer Pong

As a classic game for every college student, beer pong is a great way to encourage good times and prove your sporting prowess. This set comes with all of the required equipment you need to set up the game, including a collapsible table. Fill ten cups with beer on each side and organize them into a triangle on both ends of the table. One player stands opposite each other and tries to get a ping pong ball into one of the drinks on the other side. If you land the ball, the opposite player must drink the cup’s contents.

Don’t Get Got

Consider yourself a great liar? Don’t Get Got is the perfect game for you and your friends at a dorm party. There are six missions that each player has to complete, and every task asks you to trick one player without getting caught or them becoming suspicious. Unlike traditional games, you don’t have to sit down to play. In fact, you’re supposed to play it alongside whatever else you may be doing. It’s a fun and quirky activity to play with your friends!

Wheel of Odds

Created by the same team that made What Do You Meme, this game is a great way to build up energy and get to know a group of people. The premise is easy to follow – spin the wheel, pull a card, and do what the card says. These dares are challenging, embarrassing, and sometimes gross, but they’re sure to get a laugh and create some hilarious memories!

You Laugh You Drink

Want to get drunk and have a great time with friends? Drinking games are a fantastic way to move the party at a college dorm. This game is intended to get you sauced. There are 150 cards with hilarious prompts in this deck – simply complete the action and try to make everyone laugh. As the name suggests, you laugh, you drink. Trus us when we say there will definitely be a circumstance where you garner a giggle or two.

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